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Juris Magazine, Duquesne Law School’s ABA award-winning legal news publication, has served the Pittsburgh legal community since 1967. Juris publishes articles concerning substantive areas of the law, as well as matters of local and national interest. Law students, faculty, and alumni contribute articles to this biannual publication. The magazine is completely student-operated and calls upon the talents of law students who wish to strengthen their writing, editing, and production skills. Juris is distributed to more than 8,000 alumni, judges, and bar associations throughout the country.

Juris created this blog as a forum for its writers to provide the magazine’s readers with more current, frequent, and diverse content. Juris will continue to publish its traditional magazine biannually, but will also address legal matters of local and national interest several times per week on Juris Blog. Please visit the blog frequently to keep up with the newly published writings of our talented student staff. We thank you for your readership.

The “old” Juris Blog may be found at duquesnejurismagazine.blogspot.com.


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